So much has taken place over the past year, the full content of which demands many dissertations. To review, I’ve dedicated my life to Christ and have witnessed the power of sanctification in my own life; resultingly, I’ve felt peace, contentment, and real joy for the first time. My attitudes and outlooks have shifted 180 degress out of phase from where they once were- a wholesale change has been and is continuing to take place.

Hand in hand with this has been the blossoming of my love for Kristin; the beginning of our dating relationship, our courtship, and now our marriage only five days ago! There’s no one in all the world I love so much as her- she truly is my counterpart, the note ringing in harmony to the bassline of my life. My life would in no way be what it is without her. I could pontificate for page after page attempting to elaborate on the depths of my love for her, but I would only fail, and fail miserably to capture the profundity of the feeling.
And now she’s my wife.
I’ve always been verbose. I’ve always enjoyed discourses and divulgings. But now things are different- now Christ will be working in me, both in the willing and the doing of His pleasure. Praise the Lord for everything He has done thus far, and I know He will continue the good work He began in me!
Yours in love,
Ian Olson (now Mr. Olson)


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