Momentary Glimpses

All my life I have experienced glimpses of joy– fleeting wisps, frustratingly brief. They were all only tiny morsels that seemed to vanish just as quickly as I had tasted them, for they were incomplete, and only foreshadowings of true Joy. Each one was limited, bound to finite things that age and pass away, and could not fulfill because they had no source outside of themselves.
I never experienced true abiding JOY until I came to Christ. And though this Joy is richer by far than any others I’ve ever known, it still is incomplete, and still only a foreshadowing (and gloriously so!), because I will not know the ultimate Joy I was created to experience until I am glorified and in the presence of my Lord Jesus Christ. Seek and take hold of that for which we were all created- to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!


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