MAWWIAGE is what bwings us togethew tewday.

     Woohoo! My friend Pete Brotzman was married yesterday at Devil’s Lake to his beloved Theresa and it was a pleasure attending and being there for them. Pete is such a righteous dude! It’s amazing that him, Eli (his brother), and Joseph are all getting married this year, and talking to all of them, you just see God’s fingerprints all over it.
     Kristin and I will have be celebrating our first anniversary this Sunday- how incredible is that?? I’ve been reflecting so much lately on how awe-inspiring it is that I am loved. Loved at all- in the least! It defies common sense to me, to be totally honest. Me, in all of my imperfections and flaws, my infuriating idiosyncrasies, my oddities and my wrongdoings, am loved, and loved by the coolest girl in the cosmos at that! It’s marvelous beyond words that in spite of all of this I am cherished and longed for. And if true for Kristin, how much more so for the One before whom all of these deficiencies are infinitely more glaring? For whom it would be altogether appropriate to sever all bonds with me and leave me to myself, whom I fail time and time again? As Kristin and I, and now Pete and Theresa, are bound by covenantal, unceasing love, so are God and His people; what a perfect picture with which to better understand eternity.


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