Kid’s Christmas Party at Morning Star last night = Epic Win!

     Forty kids, fifteen Little Caesar’s pizzas, two hula hoops, one big bouncy ball, two pitchers of ice water housing a hundred pennies each, one squirt bottle, two blindfolds, one dry erase board, a hundred feet of rope cut into seventy-ish “snakes,” one roll of masking tape, one nickel, and Beauty and the Beast made for more than four hours of zany fun.* No black eyes, no broken bones, and every single shoe recovered successfully- mission accomplished! The kids, comprising two teams (the Jedi and the Buccaneers**), loved the games we set up and somehow were still overflowing with energy when we started the movie a little after nine. Mr. Ian made the mistake of sitting down at about ten and regretted it immediately when getting back up became the most difficult, Herculean of tasks. Believe you me, I slept like a rock last night when we made it to Jeremy and Anouk’s house! It was a great time though and everyone had a blast- 364 days ’til next year’s! Who else is counting down?

*Yes- zany.
**Come on- you kinda saw that coming.


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