Who's that kid, Chuck??

     It has been a cazy (as Josiah would say) past two weeks and it will probably require a couple of posts to thoroughly and sufficiently honor and scrutinize them; suffice it to say, it was a very merry Christmas, and is currently poised to be a very happy new year. It’s also important, nay, crucial to note that at midnight tonight I will not be switching my allegiance so much as I will be officially, publicly announcing my newfound  loyalty to the Brewers. After much cajoling, heckling, verbal abuse, threats, and assaults upon my personal integrity, I have recognized the superior wisdom of cleaving to the Brew Crew for baseball glory; having thus set my covenantal love upon them, I will be steadfast in my faithfulness to their cause and will pray imprecatory prayers against all who would broker opposition to their might.

     …or something like that…

     I have reliable information from worthy sources that I will not be disowned for this turn of events, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed nevertheless.
     Goodbye, Cubs. Rest in peace. (Or pieces, rather!)*
     Phil and Deanna’s party awaits us, and if I have anything to say about it, much sparkling grape juice will be consumed as 2011 springs upon us. Farewell, 2010- you’ve been good to us all. And you’ll be missed more than my misplaced Cubs loyalty.**
     Let’s rip!

*It’s comments like that that will get me disowned!
**I’m a dead man.


One thought on “Who's that kid, Chuck??

  1. Good to see that you are now officially part of the family! Welcome to the kingdom bro! Hey, how bout we celebrate by taking in a game or 2 down at Miller Park?… Against the Cubs?… Don't want to get ahead of myself… I understand that you are a new believer and I certainly wouldn't want to cause you to stumble! GrinBrewers in 11!=)Steve


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