E'erbody holla!

     It’s official! I am a freshman at Moody Bible Institute beginning classes on Tuesday and I don’t think it’s possible for me to be more psyched! I’m thrilled that God has provided the means that I may attend and further my education- the opening of the door is so plainly and evidently by His design. Praise the Lord!


One thought on “E'erbody holla!

  1. Laurie and I think it is awesome too! We are really excited about the incredible work that the Lord has done in you and Kristin and look forward to whatever He has planned for your lives. You both have a powerful testimony to share. One that many lost and saved souls alike need to hear! We are anxious to see where the Lord leads and to see His perfect Will unfold over time.Also, it is a major work of the Lord that you were able to keep your job and still make an impact up at Camp Chetik for 2 summers in a row. Not to mention the opportunity to intern with a wonderful church before completing your Christian education. Those are indeed quite rare opportunities, especially in the "here and now"!Because He Lives,SteveRomans 8:28-39


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