Indeed, good form

     Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, College Writing, the Church and Its Doctrines. All are classes I have begun my first semester with Moody, and all melodiously roll off the tongue to the tune of “O Fortuna.”
     Not working when you try it? Maybe it’s only in my head…
     I found myself skipping down the hallway yesterday, ebullient at the thought of beginning my college career and ecstatic over the reflection of past providences that God has accomplished for me and Kristin. I’ve also been doing a lot of windmill air guitar and high, falsetto Yeahhhhhhs as I go to the kitchen for a refill of H20 after a bout of classwork (come on, you do things like this, admit it!). My little Star Wars action figures and my Optimus Prime Mr. Potato Head* oversee my efforts from atop my desk as I type away and soak in textbook readings in our recently commissioned office. Having consulted e-mails from my professors and covered the syllabus for each of my courses, I’ve been diving into lectures and reading assignments and shifting gears once more into the reality of having homework! In my writing course, for instance, I have an essay due on Saturday in which I must keenly evoke the sights, smells, and sounds of my favorite place. That will be a shindig and a half! To be totally forthright though, I am a procrastinator at heart. Left to my own devices, I put off the necessary in favor of that which often is not in that moment essential; a thing, not being necessarily frivolous,** may be good but may not be the highest good I am called to at that time. I recognize my acute need for discipline- it is absolutely imperative and will translate to other spheres of my life as well, so please pray for the plentiful communication of grace that I may persevere in my studies and assignments and never lose track of what’s most important.
     Speaking of which, it’s time for lunch- time to pwn!

*I know it sounds weird, but… well, I guess it is kinda weird, now that you mention it.
**Though I’ve done plenty of that too!


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