The Best Non-April Fool's April 1st

Two years ago this very day, I asked David Heesen for his daughter’s hand in marriage at Eagle Inn here in Janesville. I met up with him almost immediately after work, slightly grungy from service at the Fleet, still reeking of tires in my awkward red Blain’s polo, and sat across from him in an isolated booth where we could speak frankly.

I was thrilled and slightly terrified at more or less the same time. Our conversation had a certain surreal edge and felt like a waking dream in a way. My choice of French Onion soup as an appetizer strengthened his high regard for me, he said. He also opined that laughing at his jokes and having a broad vocabulary racked up numerous points as well. The talk turned more serious and I made plain to him that every ounce of my heart belonged to Kristin and to Kristin alone. We prayed together and he told me he would be proud to have me as a son-in-law.

Knowing him, there was still that slight twinge of panic in the (most) irrational part of my mind, What if this is a terrible April Fool’s joke he’s pulling? I probably would’ve spontaneously combusted if I heard him say that- thankfully he meant every word of it!

I almost can’t believe that was two years ago. It feels so much more recent yet also seems to belong to a different timeline altogether. Much has changed since then as God has etched away at the dross of our being and continues sculpting us into the image of His Son, but my love for Kristin has not diminished in any way. It too will only grow more refined and more vibrant. My love for her and for God were really only in their infancy then but praise God, were enlarged beyond my feeble capacities at the time! May they never cease and may they eclipse someday even the immensity they have today.


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