Flapping Jaws Should Be Outlawed

Blast. That doesn’t quite rhyme, dunnit?

We suffer no lack of public intellectuals in our current era. To our collective dismay, a vast seething mass of them are more of the former than they are the latter. Media outlets aren’t interested in reasoned opinions- only opinions, and the more puerile, the better. Sophisticated arguments are mosaics of intricately crafted logic, ornamented with sumptuous jewels of wisdom. The mosaic’s sheen is honed through patience, discipline, and insight gathered through seasons of experiment, disappointment, and periodic success. Treasure these, endeavor to learn their methodology, and appropriate their understanding and let the winds scatter the chaff of foolish prattle.

My boy Carl Trueman is thinking along a parallel trajectory in his latest Reformation 21 piece http://www.reformation21.org/articles/the-price-of-everything.php. Ponder, truly ponder the last line: “After all, most of what goes on today in the name of earth-shattering paradigm shifts has no value, whatever the price tag.” I love idealistic cynics! Don’t hate the player- hate the game.


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