Baby Baby Baby O.

Well, March 30th has come and gone, and with it, no Baby O. Clearly he or she already takes after Dad when it comes to punctuality! My halfhearted hopes for an April Fool’s baby were dashed as well, but that might not be such a bad thing.

We’re at St. Mary’s in Janesville now, just waiting for the morning to arrive and soon afterwards, our little nugget. Our first! I became nervous for the first time since the test result back in August during the drive up here when I recognized with palpable force that this was no longer hypothetical. That a human being is going to arrive in this world, Lord willing, in a matter of hours. That I’m a father with a family. That I’m responsible for bringing up a child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Really- who saw this one coming? I didn’t!

In the same way that watching The Road with your 40 weeks’ pregnant wife is a massive fail, I’ve also realized that watching March of the Penguins in the hospital on the eve of your child’s birth takes on a pungent vividness it never quite had before. At least we’re not in Antarctica.*

We’re about to call it a night and get some rest for the morning but I wanted to post this little historical piece first. I also wanted to notify everyone that the radio silence of the past couple weeks has been due to my working on a piece regarding my conversion as seen through a Deep Church lens. I plan on posting that in two parts after Baby O. makes his or her triumphant arrival. And after singing lots of songs with “baby” in the title in my awesomely rocking falsetto. So stay tuned!


*I would’ve eaten a lot more at McDonald’s if I had to watch the egg for weeks on my own.


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