What Rhymes With Succinct??

Due to some really illuminating conversations with Kristin over the past few weeks I’ve been recognizing that I need to work harder on being more concise and more clear in my writing, in my teaching, and in my geekily passionate, quasi-lecture conversations. Hand in hand with this realization, God is making it plain to me that the abstract realm in which I thrive must be shown to have relevance for the concrete world we see and touch and work in every day. To be sure, God is not commanding me or anyone else to leave abstract concepts behind; rather, He is fine tuning my programming so that I can finally compute that the only way to honor and cherish these concepts is to live in light of their truth and embrace how they affect all of the contexts I could ever find myself in. The abstract is not honored in abstraction- quite the opposite! It is honored when we marry intangible truths (such as justification or predestination) to particular circumstances in an authentic, fitting fashion, thereby witnessing to their beauty and worth. What’s really gripping me now is the realization that when we do this we change what might have been into something new and extraordinary because it reflects the truth of who God is!

Putting this new outlook into action is, paradoxically, both a motive for being clearer and more succinct, and a means toward living in light of this wonderful truth. Ah, paradoxes- how you make my heart sing! You know you’ve struck oil when paradoxes come gushing ecstatically out.

So, to complete the swing full circle then. The recent theft of my laptop increasingly appears to be an endorsement from God by way of a challenge; if I truly stand by everything I have just said, then I can joyfully accept the loss of the essays and stories and novel I began prior to this paradigm shift. If all those writings bear the mark of an author too vague and long winded and detached from his own setting in the world, then why lament their disappearance? This is a perfect opportunity to put my money where my mouth is and begin afresh, and I plan to make the most of it. It’s as though God kicked out all the props underneath me that could link me back up to what I want to leave behind, and I am so grateful for it. Point of no return, homeboy! I’m convinced that whatever has been lost won’t even be worth comparing to what emerges from this time on. I’m thrilled beyond words at the prospect of that lost, original draft of “Chrononaut” being dwarfed by its new incarnation as planet Earth is dwarfed by the Sun. “Chrononaut” Mach 2 is go!


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