Can't Hardly Wait

Summer always feels like a long Replacements song to me, despite the fact that I’m no longer seventeen. It’s inescapable, though- summer archetypes never fail to react to the strange compound of elements that makes up my being and spontaneously combust into a potpourri of awkward, breathlessly hopeful, excessively loud spontaneity and wonder. But it, like them, has passed, and other things await a no less passionate exploration. The time has come for me to start putting something epic into motion. The discipline I’ve acquired through posting a new piece each week over the summer has helped immeasurably to assuage my insecurities and to bolster my resolve to devote more writing time to Chrononaut and other closely related fiction pieces. Not only am I excited to embrace a writing regimen centered around the work of my heart, I also really wanna get Henry off my back who has threatened terrible things if I won’t get to work on it already.

I will still be working on other unrelated pieces and posting them in this time but without the sense of deadline (read: manic urgency) I imposed for these past few months. I’d probably go looney tunes if I didn’t get some of that out here and there, so fret not: plenty of tangents have yet to see the light of day. Expect Chrononaut-inspired reflections along the way too as I set that beast loose.

Who’s pumped and has two thumbs? This guy.


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