Epiphany Slam! or, "Faithful Are the Wounds of a Wife"

One expertly aimed burn from Kristin proved to me that it wasn’t deluded wishful thinking on my part: 2013 is going to be an awesome year.

Every so often she flies in under my radar and blindsides me with an epic slam that sends my brain smashing against my skull and my heart staggering like a drunk guy trying to play hopscotch. They have just the right amount of moxie to unseat my pretensions but are tender and judicious enough to keep me from rolling into a catatonic ball of emo. (Well, usually; there was the time I told her Aphex Twin was intelligent dance music (IDM), not techno. “Intelligent dance music?” she howled. “What, do I need a calculator to dance to it properly?” All I remember after that was waking up in the burn ward, scorched almost beyond recognition.)

My favorite one came two days ago during a conversation we had about the kind of trajectory we want to chart for 2013. As we zoomed in closer on my patterns of growth and stagnation as a Christian the last three years, Kristin delivered a diagnosis that pointed towards a prescription: “You’ve been a fanboy- not a disciple.” As Tony Stark would say, the best weapon is the one you only have to fire once. Her Molotov cocktail of truth nailed my problem succinctly: most of the time that I’ve claimed to know God it’s been the same pathetic way that teenyboppers addicted to tabloids and Twitter say they know Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. Reading boatloads of Iain Murray and Francis Turretin doesn’t automatically catapult anyone into a meaningful relationship with the I AM anymore than owning all the Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes movies makes you friends with Robert Downey Jr. It’s just asinine to assume that downloading facts and experiencing fellowship with a person are basically equivalent.

So there it is: I’m asinine. I’ve been the comics nerd of theology and it’s gotten as stale as those crappy cupcakes your kid sister made when she was six. I want 2013 to be the year I revitalize my communion with God and taste resurrection power tidal waving through my life, and a sick burn from my wife has helped me to focus in on what it is that I so desperately need.



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