Like A Welder

Wisdom from the good doctor, Josh Lawrenz, himself:

We have one life, and much of me believes the Lord is excited for us when we find something we love and honors him, and we enjoy it! Like a welder… Like a welder… Don’t know why I’m saying that, but I like welders I think. Don’t quite know what they do…

Well… Just kinda overlook that last part. Clearly the romanticism of welding carried Josh aloft on winds of idealistic jubilation, rendering the actual details of what welders do irrelevant. Kinda like shepherds and shepherding in pastoral poetry- you think Marlowe gives a hoot about the finer points of husbandry when he writes “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”? Please.

But I digress. Love God and do what you love to do! Keep honing your abilities and rest assured God is glorified and HAPPY you are pursuing His glory via the passions He’s designed you to ignite. Like a welder.


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