You say: “‘Ere long done do does did” (words which could only be your own)

I got it!

I procured a new Black n’ Red on Saturday night, my first in four years! Black n’ Red is the first and last word in stellar notebooks: sleek, solidly built, and painfully stylish (don’t tell me the red snappy band isn’t monumentally cool!).


Nerd tested. Owen approved.


So tight.

The last one I had I stuffed to the gills with notes for the future history space opera I was composing that never saw the light of day (it’s settled for the dark of my file cabinet for most of the intervening time). This notebook has a different future though- this one will be the midwife to the first draft of my first novel. This is happening. Tonight marks the first of my consecrated writing nights. Every Monday night I’ll be manning my #2 graphite turret, holding down the fort at Meg’s Daily Grind or Katie’s Cup, channeling fantasticity and redirecting it to the page. Are there any other choice coffee shops (or similarly tres cool places where people go to posture and pose) you guys recommend? Holla back at me!

Also, keep your eyes open for the first installment of “Badges” coming soon to Reformed Frequencies. Henry’s been breathing down my neck for months about this one, and it’s finally going to emerge from its chrysalis. It’s a little on the long side so I’ll be posting it in chunks on RF, but when it’s finished completely I’ll post the whole darned thing in the Elaborations section here.

Who’s pumped and has two thumbs? This guy!

And Owen, of course.


The coolest man in the universe with no wrists.


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