“The secular gods have at last been found out and exploded.”

This video features Wheaton’s art historian/theologian extraordinaire Matthew Milliner discussing the disintegration of secularism’s hegemony in the academy, the sheer wonder at the mystery of Being that is impossible for the atheist, the need for ugliness in art to expose the shallow “beauty” that perpetuates degradation and injustice in the world, how make art a replacement god actually handicaps its ability to produce anything worthwhile, the church’s sometime compromises with capitalism and consumerism, and pointing out the church’s flaws as a witness to the gospel. I’m still thinking through some of the participationist language he uses throughout the discussion but thankfully he steers clear of the theology of glory ditch by consistently anchoring his thought in the cross of Christ. Listen closely and take heart at the majesty of God and His surprising work!


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