The Horror… The Horror…

So my friend Blake, whom I collaborated with on a series for Mockingbird last fall, invited me to join him another fine fellow named Chris Hutton in launching a new podcast devoted to the intersection between horror movies and theology. I think it goes without saying that tackling both the profundity and the just plain fun within horror is directly up my alley in a ludicrously monumental way. Well, I am immensely pleased to report we’ve recorded our first episode already! The show is titled The Body|The Blood to signal the importance of a robust, sacramentally-rich orthodoxy to our readings of these films, films which can’t but make you very aware of your (threatened) embodiment as a human in a world desperately in need of life and not some flimsy, phantom counterfeit. Our site just went up yesterday but there’ll be more meat to it once this tidal wave really gets going, and when it does, then you, like Dante, can find yourself within a forest dark, a “forest savage, rough, and stern/Which in the very thought renews the fear,” but the gates of the infernal city need not lead to the abandonment of all hope. You, unlike Colonel Kurtz, need not resign yourself to the uncaring Void as you engineer your own demise to escape the hopeless absurdity of this world. On the contrary: our forays into the heart of darkness to examine the reality of horrors will, Lord willing, be a springboard to relishing the grace of Christ on plentiful offer in the gospel, a grace dedicated to restoring and renewing bodied creatures made in the image of God by undoing our self-destructive patterns of idolatry and sharing the very life of this God with ruined, alienated creatures. Horror finds its antidote not in denying horrors, but in a kinsman-redeemer who subjects himself to these very horrors to unravel them from within. So subscribe and join all the frightening fun!



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