Marvel’s Cinematic Anthropology

The fine folks at Mockingbird were gracious enough to post my essay “Being Human in an Age of Ultron” earlier today. As you’ve probably deduced by now, it’s a review of the latest Avengers movie (gasp!) but that aspect serves as a launching pad for explorations in what being an image bearing creature means in a fallen world as well as diatribes against technology addiction, myths of progress, made-to-order babies, and all manner of modern/postmodern theologies of glory.

Personally, I’m ecstatic over this- not only for penning an essay I’m very proud of, exegeting a movie I think will deliver some much needed camouflaged theology to our time and place, but because two years ago my first attempt to write something for Mockingbird (a scholarly analysis of Iron Man 3) took a nosedive into a Gehenna of identity agony and fruitless hours revising an infinitely too involved movie review. I thank God for His mercy in not only rescuing me from that morass of horrors but for enabling me now to submit this new work to His church with tremendous joy!


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