“Distracted Parents” Has Hit the Press!

Greetings, friends! With much humble trembling and ebullience I report to you all that my essay “Distracted Parents and the Media of Their Discontent” has been published in the latest issue of The Mockingbird (the Technology issue, of course)!


I’m pretty proud of it and grateful for the Mockingbird squad as a whole for giving me the chance to contribute. I’m especially thankful for Ethan Richardson’s editorial services: his suggestions for rephrasing and reframing the argument made it a much a stronger piece and reinforced to me the necessity of writing and thinking with peers in community and not as isolated brains in vats firing cap guns at abstract targets. It also deepened my recognition that good analysis and writing requires the humility that only comes with someone other than yourself exposing gaps and weaknesses in your thought. All in all, my distaste for blogging has only grown as this experience unmasked what an echo chamber that realm tends to be. Not that it doesn’t have its own unique strengths as well, but I see more clearly than ever the positive value of submitting our work to the scrutiny of others before releasing it to the world at large. If “Distracted Parents” or any of my other forthcoming efforts can be used of God to help others love Him, cherish His Word, cherish His World and His creatures, and die to self to do so, then I think I would be the most surprised (and ecstatic) of anyone involved! The MBIRD_V6_Cover_workingTechnology issue has just begun to arrive in mailboxes around the continental U.S. so go look into that- the line-up looks fantastic and includes an interview with Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows and The Glass Cage.

It’d be difficult to be more excited than I am right this very is-this-Mountain Dew-or-adrenaline moment! Praise God who in infinite condescension supplies His broken creatures with the means to serve others and to flourish in doing so.


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