The Word Within the Fracture, Part Two

Saint Dave

Mockingbird has been so kind as to post the second half of my Infinite Jest retrospective and I couldn’t be more pleased! Without a doubt this is the piece I am most proud of having written and I am positively overwhelmed the good Lord gave me occasion to finish this colossus and contribute it to Mbird as I had first dreamt! Go check it out and discover how Dostoevsky awakened DFW’s nostalgia for Eden and how IJ channels Augustine and C.S. Lewis to expose how our loves (both good and bad) are “pointers towards something magnificent we forfeited in a past that is now quarantined from our retrieval.” And along the way you may just catch a glimpse of a Savior who enters the far country to absorb our brokenness and win Eden back. Hope you enjoy it as much as I loved composing it!


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