“To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, and religion- all in one.”
-John Ruskin

My name is Ian and I’m perpetually pumped. I’m married to an impossibly wonderful woman with whom I have two hilarious and imaginative boys. I used to be the director of teen ministries at an evangelical church in Rockford, Illinois, but I relocated to Minneapolis to attend Bethlehem College and Seminary. I’ve already earned a doctorate in passion (ht Hank Cook), but I need more training in other fields to complement that primary expertise. I deliberately phrased it all that way 1) because the form matches the content and 2) to avoid that Twitter cliche that reads: “Husband. Father. Student. Servant of Christ.” (The final phrase varies, but the algorithm’s easy to predict.) You know the one. I don’t think those are bad things to be, but I dislike slogans that pretend to be illuminating even though they recycle overworn formulae that might have been really fresh and insightful the first time around. It’s the nature of rhetoric, and there’s a risk in yawning every time you hear a cliche because revelation can explode out of even the most tired, deflated catchphrase should the Lord so move; the wise-in-its-own-eyes, deadpan cynicism which suspects every sentence that’s already been said once somewhere else, too disillusioned to care and feel anymore for fear of appearing naive. I risked it just now in typing that last sentence and even in this one, bringing my awareness of my self-awareness out into the open, but I hope that calling the thing what it is will allow us to leapfrog over our anxieties over being earnest and commit all the ironic distancing to the shredder where we all instinctively know it belongs. The fact of the matter is, if you’re still reading this and find something worth salvaging amidst all that self-indulgent detour, you probably care about many of the same things that I do; we probably ache and yearn and thrill in sympathetic ways which point up our longing for the consummation of all things wherein we will at last be what we all were intended to be at the beginning, wherein we will at last know the Three-in-One as we have been known during this momentous, glorious-in-its-uncomfortableness sojourn we share between the ages. And if that’s the case, I’m really happy to have you aboard to share some of the countless tangents arcing out from my consciousness and getting my head to throb heart-like. I want my vision cleansed by the wiper fluid of the Spirit and the Word and filled with the glory of the One Who is neither Beyond nor Right Here, yet both all at once, transcendent in His immanence and immanent in His transcendence. I want to see clearly and catch the glimpses He issues forth, sweeping us up into the drama of redemption in which we at last find our meaning. Would you come along?



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