Happy Halloween For All the Saints!

Ahoy there! The final two posts from Blake’s and my Halloween Top 5s series are posted at Mockingbird: Blake’s Top 5 Introductions to Horror For Kids, and my Top 5 Scary Short Stories. Both will stoke your bonfire and make for good Halloween reading. Once you’re finished with them you can take a bite out of my apologia for Halloween, “Halloween Is For All the Saints”, and freshly appreciate how good God is in providing us with Halloween to enjoy. Stay safe, boils and ghouls, and enjoy your frights!



Been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time

Howdy folks. I know it’s been a spell and a half since last I updated the site but rest assured it’s been due to my workload here at Bethlehem. There’s a lot I plan to cover soon, such as the T.S. Eliot research project I’ll be conducting soon, as well as analyses of the summer’season Trinitarian controversy and the ESV’s Permanent Text brouhaha. A lot of shade has been thrown over these matters and orthodox judgment hasn’t been recognized as prevailing over novel heterodoxies as widely as it ought. Ergo I want to plainly lay out the underlying issues within the last two matters and unpack their significance so that sound Trinitarian dogma can be embraced and cherished in its own right and not as a pragmatic means towards another end.

In the meantime, Blake and I are unleashing more ghoulish fun at Mockingbird in honor of Halloween so you should definitely check that out post haste:

Ian & Blake’s Terrifying Top Fives: This Season’s Best Horror Double Features

Ian & Blake’s Terrifying Top Fives: October’s Creepiest Urban Legends

Enjoy, and expect more soon!

Captain America: Civil War Review


Hey everyone! If you haven’t yet, you absolutely need to see Captain America: Civil War right friggin’ now! After you dry your tears and call your mom and feel a little reassured that maybe it’s all right after all, read my review at Mockingbird where I explicate the heart-shattering fracturing of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as well as the depths of love that drive us to give ourselves without reserve for our own. As always, thanks for reading, and I pray you will feel your souls tugged by my meditation on loyalty and sacrifice. But I especially hope you’ll go see the movie and talk to me about it!